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Have you ever visited a website that offered you poor usability? Did you struggle to navigate between its category pages so much that you had to hit the back button? If so, you’ve experienced first-hand the frustration poor user experience presents.

User experience? Yes! In the digital world, this attribute can make or break your website or application. As seen above, a poor experience will only encourage users to bounce off. This, in turn, will result in loss of traffic, poor brand image, and a decrease in SERP rankings.

Above all, it will lead to a decline in sales which is the worst-case scenario any business can face. However, on the other hand, a good experience from your users’ perspective will encourage their staying time and strengthen your online presence.

All these are enough reasons why firms turn toward professional UX designers to help build a better-performing app or site. But what does a UX designer do? What does UX design involve? And which UX designer in Lagos should you opt for? This post provides brief, yet satisfying answers to these questions.

What UX Design means

UX, in this context, stands for User Experience. Hence, UXD or User Experience Design (also referred to as UED) is a process whereby designers strive to improve the experience a website or application offers its users. It deals with the site’s usability, navigation, branding, and function. After all, all these factors leave a tremendous impact on visitors. With that in mind, let’s delve into the role of UX designers.

What is the Role of a UX Designer in Lagos?

Short answer: a UX designer works to make a website something that would be easy and enjoyable to make use of. To that end, designers perform several tasks for your target audience’s benefit. Such tasks include:

  • Researching users’ needs, behaviors, and preferences.
  • Research competing apps (especially those competitors that are performing better) to further understand your prospective users.
  • Gathering data and analyzing results on all research made.
  • A UX designer may also take time to personally interact with your existing users if the need arises.
  • Developing sitemaps.
  • Designing a preview or prototype. Why is this essential? Well, it allows you to get a complete idea of how your design will look. It gives you a chance to make any necessary adjustments.

These are but a few tasks performed by a professional UX designer. Also, as noted earlier, UX design involves branding. Hence, you can rest assured that your designer will develop a perfect prototype that matches your business.

Kraftle: Your UX Designer in Lagos

UX Design is an essential branch of web design and development. After all, as seen in this article, it dictates whether or not your audience will take interest in you. But as a firm, hiring a UX Designer in Lagos can sometimes prove to be challenging. If so, you don’t need to worry.

Kraftle is the home of creative and SEO-oriented web design. The websites we offer come with an attractive user interface that’s easy to use and guaranteed to leave your users with a good and lasting experience. So, contact us and tell us your ideas. Our skills will bring those ideas to life.


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