Hello! I’m Kelvin, a Frontend-focused Web Designer & Developer creating User-targeted Websites that are not just good-looking but Pixel-Perfect & Conversion Oriented. I develop Intuitive and High-performance designs that are mobile-responsive and optimized for SEO and speed. Starting from scratch, I can design a custom layout in Adobe XD and then develop it into an SEO-ready and fully responsive website

I consistently combine web design and SEO skills to give my clients an unfair advantage over the competition.

Passion for Pixel-Perfect Design

As a Developer with an eye for design and details, I pride myself on getting measurable results and elevating the customer experience across all platforms and devices. My work is to build your website with a clean and efficient code, while you get to focus on your business.

Web Development with WordPress

WordPress brings my design projects to life. With Elementor (my favorite tool), I can help you achieve your desired design, feel, and function within the WordPress CMS.

How I do work

My Workflow

I always follow specific steps when I’m working on a design project. In this way I can keep everything organised and it creates moments to talk about the project with my clients.

The journey so far

Little Feats

Most recently, I implemented a new website interface for an e-commerce client that resulted in a 35% increase in customer retention. Always seeking to optimize workflow, I also convinced my client to switch to a design-focused and responsive page builder, which increased our team productivity by 40%.

What do I use? 


I love using the latest software for my projects to give my clients the very best. These are the software and platforms that I use on a regular basis. 

Recurring questions I do get


I often get asked the same questions. I’ve put the most common in this section.  

Yes! I think this is one of the points that makes me stand out from other people who sell websites. Since I use the latest software it’s very easy to edit the text, images and other content on the pages. You can almost change everything if you want to. 

It depends on the project. My services accurately reflect the quality of the results generated. I am passionate and committed to providing solutions that cut across every business size from large corporations to small-sized brands. 

I accept projects that start at $1000. The final price depends on your needs and wants, the design and the functionality. Kindly let me know what you are looking for through the contact page.

Yes. I work with clients from across the world, regardless of the timezone.

I guarantee a 6-hour response time for any enquiry or request you may have, regardless of your physical location.

The onboarding process is easy and straightforward. I require some details to understand your pain points. Our meetings can be either virtual, over-the-phone, or in-person depending on what suits you most. A brief statement of the deliverables is signed before the job commences.

I am time conscious and I’ve adopted a systemic approach to deliver each package. My delivery time largely depends on the magnitude of the task at hand. And I go the extra mile to exceed the expectations of each client.

During the onboarding process, I get to understand the issues and estimate a delivery time for the solution. I work closely with each client to meet the agreed time. My deliverables are properly packaged to ensure easy and effective management.

You do. I do not own any part of your website. If you want I can give you full admin rights, so you can even delete my access at any given time. You already paid for the website, so it’s your property.

The only thing that I would require is to put the website in my portfolio if I want to. 

Still, I wouldn’t mind especially if you are an agency.