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6 Best PayPal Alternatives for Freelancers in Nigeria 2024


Freelancing is an occupation that is quite popular in Nigeria nowadays. From web design to data analytics, there are several fields made for freelancers. But there’s one challenge that Nigerians have had to deal with over the years in this regard – the issue of payment gateways.

Sending and receiving money should be easy in this technologically advanced age. But this isn’t the case with an average Nigerian hoping to receive money from abroad. Even the famous payment gateway, PayPal is very limiting to Nigerians.

Therefore, it’s crucial to know the best PayPal alternatives for freelancers in Nigeria. And this post will highlight the popular and reliable alternatives. But first, how limited is PayPal in Nigeria?

The Limitations of PayPal to Freelancers in Nigeria

Though PayPal is functional in Nigeria, as mentioned earlier, it has made it difficult for Nigerians to use its services. Below are some of the limitations of PayPal to a freelancer in Nigeria:

  1. Personal accounts using PayPal in Nigeria cannot receive funds but can only send.
  2. To receive funds in a personal account, a freelancer in Nigeria will need to link his account to a bank account in the US.
  3. PayPal only works with Visa cards which can be obtained in Nigerian banks. It does not accept Verve cards for transactions.

These, listed above, are the limitations of PayPal to freelancers in Nigeria. Now what are some PayPal alternatives for freelancers in Nigeria? The following will be discussed in this article:

6 Best Paypal Alternatives for Freelancers in Nigeria 2024

  1. Wise
Wise is one of the best PayPal alternatives for freelancers in Nigeria

This is one of the top alternatives to PayPal for freelancers in Nigeria. It was launched in 2011 with its original name TransferWise. With the aid of Wise, individuals and freelancers in Nigeria can easily access over 50 currencies and send and receive money from abroad. Regardless of the name change, Wise did not reduce the quality of its services. Instead, it maintained and improved its services. 

Features of Wise

  1. Wise money transfer: Money transfer is a top feature of Wise. Using this feature you can transfer money to over 50 different countries. This feature has been around since it was called its original name ‘TransferWise’. Money transfers with Wise are fast, easy, and affordable with mid-market exchange rates. This eases up the process of receiving funds for freelancers in Nigeria.
  2. Multi-currency: Wise users can hold or convert funds to over 50 currencies. A currency balance can be opened for free. This feature will allow a freelancer to receive money in any foreign currency. 
  3. Debit card: Wise offers a debit card that makes it way more than just a transfer platform and serves as an advantage when traveling to a different country as it allows you to spend as you like without extra unwanted charges. Using a verified Wise account you must first order the debit card to be able to access this feature. 

Pros and Cons of Wise


  • Fast transfers are made possible 
  • Low fees/charges
  • Wise allows transfers in over 50 currencies
  • No markup on exchange rates
  • Simple and fast application 
  • Saving accounts bearing interests


  • The debit card carries a delivery fee
  • The fixed exchange rate has a 48-hour limit
  • It lacks some financial services as opposed to it’s competitors
  • Compared to its competitors its transfer fees are high
  1. Skrill
PayPal Alternatives for Freelancers in Nigeria

Skrill is another alternative to PayPal for freelancers in Nigeria. It is an established digital wallet and payment service that aids online transfers and fund transfers globally. It is a part of Paysafe Limited, a global platform as they purchased it in 2015. Established in 2001 under the name Moneybookers, Skrill offers its services in over 100 countries and deals with over 40 currencies. Skrill’s current name was given in 2013. Since it’s been around for a long time, it can serve as a reliable alternative to PayPal if you’re a freelancer in Nigeria.

Features of Skrill

  1. Mobile app: Skrill has a mobile application on iOS and Android OS. This feature allows users to make payments and access their accounts with ease.
  2. Global availability: With its availability in over 100 countries Skrill is one of the best alternatives to PayPal that you can find as a freelancer in Nigeria. It is most likely going to be available to you and the person doing the transfer.
  3. Online payments: This has to be the major feature of every digital wallet and payment service platform. Skrill enables you to make and receive payments.

Pros and Cons of Skrill


  • It is safe for transactions
  • Skrill comes with a prepaid card
  • It works on many devices
  • There are personal and business accounts
  • Its fees are affordable


  • Low withdrawal limit
  • Poor customer service due to the absence of the live chat feature
  • Verification usually takes time 
  1. Payoneer 
PayPal Alternatives for Freelancers in Nigeria

Payoneer is a top alternative to PayPal for freelancers in Nigeria for several reasons. On its site, it named itself ‘a universe of opportunities to freelancers’. This clearly states that they are more than ready to offer proper services to freelancers and in this case, especially those in Nigeria. Established in 2005, Payoneer can be trusted as a reliable platform to receive funds from clients. 

Features of Payoneer

  1. Cross-Border Transfer: Payoneer allows you to receive money from other users in different countries.
  2. Billing service: This is a great feature of Payoneer. It allows freelancers or individuals to send payment requests to clients or customers.
  3. Currency conversion: Payoneer offers exceptionally competitive exchange rates compared to others like it to users conducting transactions in several currencies. 

Pros and Cons of Payoneer


  • Payoneer’s debit card allows users to purchase in currencies different from theirs when abroad or shopping online.
  • Accounts are free to set up
  • Account opening is solely done online with no need for in-person meetings.


  • Their prepaid cards have a spending limit. For a business, this can be very limiting.
  • Compared to other similar companies, its fees are relatively high.
  1. Geegpay 
PayPal Alternatives for Freelancers in Nigeria

This is yet another very reliable online payment platform. It was fashioned to meet the requirements of freelancers, creators, and other users in Africa. It is known for its ease of use. With Geegpay, receipt of payment has been made easier for Africans as this has always been a problem. This makes it one of the best PayPal alternatives for freelancers in Nigeria.

Features of Geegpay

  1. Exceptional exchange rates: Geegpay offers very good exchange rates even better than those of local banks. So when foreign currency received is converted, you will get the best value for your money.
  2. Integration with freelance platforms: This is one of the major features that makes it a worthy alternative to PayPal for freelancers in Nigeria. It integrates seamlessly with freelance platforms including Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, and others. With this feature, you can receive your money directly without much hassle.
  3. Fast payment processing: This feature is also very beneficial to freelancers. It hastens the cash flow and ensures that freelancers and other users get their money on time. And this is essential to those who depend on timely pay.

Pros and Cons of Geegpay


  • Low currency conversion fees
  • Secure transactions
  • Easy to use and in turn time saving
  • Freelancers in Nigeria can easily withdraw funds to any local bank of their choice
  • Integration with freelance platforms


  • Mobile data may be charged during usage
  • Most users need assistance to understand how to use it
  • Customer care is not available 24/7
  1. Grey
PayPal Alternatives for Freelancers in Nigeria

Grey, formerly called Aboki Africa, is an online banking platform founded in 2020. It provides global banking services mostly favorable to the likes of freelancers, travelers, and digital nomads. Its name change took place in 2021 when it underwent a thorough rebranding process. This rebranding process improved its services and expanded the range of services it offers involving online banking. 

Features of Grey 

  1. Currency conversion: This platform offers a competitive exchange rate for currencies. It allows for seamless exchange from one currency to another by users.
  2. Global money transfers: It allows users to receive and send money globally. These transfers are made without extreme fees or delays.
  3. Bills payment: Grey’s platforms allow automated billing and this helps freelancers and small businesses manage their finances with timely payments encouraged.

Pros and Cons of Grey


  • Virtual debit cards which make it easier to spend funds earned from foreign accounts
  • The design is user-friendly and this makes the platform easy to use.
  • Without needing to navigate through tons of local banking regulations, you can open a bank account in several currencies.
  • Fast and secure money transfers


  • Currency options are quite limited in comparison to other similar platforms.
  • It is an all online platform so users will not have the chance of having face-to-face conversations with customer care.
  • Some services are not available in every region.
  1. Flutterwave 
PayPal Alternatives for Freelancers in Nigeria

Flutterwave is another alternative to PayPal for freelancers in Nigeria. It is a FinTech company that provides a platform for transactions between merchants and others across the continent. Its headquarters is located in California, USA. But it operates in Nigeria, Ghana, and 10 other African countries. Founded in 2016, it has become a very prominent online banking platform. Flutterwave facilitates seamless transactions and provides a good payment infrastructure.

Features of Flutterwave

  1. Global reach: Flutterwave Wave supports transactions in several foreign currencies and allows across-border transactions thereby allowing Africans to transfer money internationally, and vice versa.
  2. Prevention of fraud: Due to the high-security measures implemented, fraud is prevented, thereby promoting safe transactions.
  3. Virtual cards: For business accounts, Flutterwave allows the creation of virtual cards for payment of bills, making online purchases, and so many more.

Pros and Cons of Flutterwave


  • Flutterwave has a user-friendly interface and this allows for smooth usage and navigation.
  • It has a global reach due to the access to different countries and currencies it offers users.
  • It offers analytic tools that help businesses gain insight into their transaction data and make informed decisions.
  • The high-security measures on Flutterwave are also a good pro that makes it an alternative to PayPal for freelancers in Nigeria.


  • Though their charges/fees are relatively low compared to others, they would still have an impact on individuals and small businesses with low transactions.
  • Due to the bulk of features available on Flutterwave, new users may feel lost.
  • They face competition because other FinTech companies exist and these may offer lower fees.

Conclusion: What is the Best PayPal Alternative for Freelancers in Nigeria?

Freelancing is quite a common occupation in Nigeria’s current economic situation. However, getting payments after completing gigs can be quite a hassle due to the limitations PayPal has for freelancers in Nigeria.

However, as discussed in this article, several reliable tools serve as an alternative for freelancers. Before choosing a tool, compare their pros and cons, visit their website, and check out their reviews. Doing so will help you select the best PayPal alternatives for freelancers in Nigeria in 2024.


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