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Newace Media Photography Website

A Wedding Photographer's website



The client

Newacemedia is a team of passionate wedding photographers in Nigeria. The team has been covering wedding photography across Africa for over 10 years.

The goal

Samuel, (Newace’s CEO) wanted a modern and visual website with a sleek touch. He needed a visual website that had enough room to showcase his works and portfolio items. He also wanted to be able to easily add and edit the website himself.
wedding photography website



The website turned out great as it had different pages that highlights several aspects of his work. This makes it very easy for Newace’s clients since they don’t have to endlessly search for what they are looking for. We chose to go with black for the foundational colour, which we mixed with some blends of purple to give it a joyous wedding look.

Wedding Stories Section

Newace’s wedding photography requires a section to showcase couples’ events. Samuel wanted just that as he tells the stories of couples with pictures
wedding photography website and web design

Portrait Section

Samuel also wanted a Portrait section to help his clients who would want personal shoots.

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