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MyKitchenIsCoily Blogsite

Natural Hair Blog



The client

MyKitchenIsCoily is a Natural Hair Brand that shows individuals with coily, kinky, and curly hair of various lengths and sizes that their crown is beautiful and will flourish when nourished.

The goal

My Brand Owner wanted a blog that is well structured, easy to manage, and would allow for an easy read. It should also be tailored for mobile as most of the target audience uses mobile devices. The goal is to create a unique feel with a good hierarchical structure that showcases the brands’ touchpoints, allowing users to easily navigate their path across the site, browse through massive content and get their desired information.



The blogsite met the client’s expectations as it performed well on all screen viewpoints. An easy-to-use SEO setup enabled the site editor to optimize the blog on Google, Bing, and any desired search engine. It allows easy content upload, which helps the client improve workflow, and allows for seamless integration to popular social media platforms. The overall impact of the design system increased the brand’s audience to over 93% within the first month of going live.


I created a webshop to help the Brand showcase some in-house and re-marketed products. It has a payment and shipping setup that accepts different payment sources for buyers and shipping to different regions within the business scope.

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My goal with this project was to show my potential clients how a personal blog can look. I took the most common features of a personal blog and created my own design. I paid close attention to details and made sure that all the colors, fonts, and backgrounds matched each other.
My goal is to create a Multivendor Platform design across all devices that is useful, usable, and appealing to the final consumer. The onboarding process should be easy, as well as site-wide navigation.